Friday, January 27, 2017

The Footy Multiplier system

The Footy Multiplier result: £1,001.14 PURE PROFIT in just 3 days.

The Footy Multiplier system website login:
This gets you access to all of the bets over the weekend. If you want to play again the following weekend you need to pay again and sign up before Friday 6pm

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Round 1 – The First 3
The first 3 bets, use 100% of our weekend bank. £10 bets = £30
These bets are here to make us more cash to bet with when the bulk of the action takes place, the 3pm kick offs on Saturday.
The ideal scenario is to use profit alone to but bigger stake bets on one or two fixtures. We go for the kill, for the big bucks return while our initial stake and smaller profit is sat in the bank ready for next weekend

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