Thursday, February 9, 2017


BoomBetsBoomBets by Nick Stephens

What is a BOOM Bet?

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A few very simple rules for my BOOM Bets.
NO FAVOURITES! – Any one can pick a bunch of favourites and boast about a 30% win rate. So no favourites here.
GREAT ODDS – Odds must be between 4/1 (5.0) and 12/1 (13.0).
This is at the time of making the selection, some drift but if we take best odds we should only see these odds or higher.
BoomBets is an exact step by step horse racing tipster service. It provides real serial winners that keep you in profit every week!
Now do he hits 25% wins? Not every month, that’s for sure.
But sometimes when you hit that 10/1 and 8/1 bet on the same day and you end up with 16pts profit, you don’t always need 25% to end the
month in profit…
“That’s it really, I then use my strategy to narrow down the field to give you about 4 selections per day.
That means if I hit a 25% strike rate, 1 winner from 4, I profit! At a minimum rate of 1pt per day!”
Now that may not seem much, but 1pt profit per day adds up and means that you can be looking at 30pts per month, sometimes a lot more.

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